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Armed Security Officers - Our armed security officer service is the solution for our clients needing their security issues addressed proactively. Our armed security officers are trained to confront and deal with any security issues that may arise. As agents of the property, our armed security officers can terminate trespass, address law violations to the extent allowed by Florida and Maine law, and enforce property rules. Our armed security officers are professionally uniformed and equipped with all the tools necessary to protect our clients and their property. Each armed security officer is professionally licensed by the States of Florida and Maine, and possesses military, law enforcement, public safety, or extensive security experience.

Armed Patrol Service - Our armed patrol service combines our armed security officers with a marked patrol vehicle and is perfect for HOA's CDD's or clients with large properties to protect. Our patrol service can answer calls for service in tandem with our 24 hours dispatch center. Our patrol vehicles are professionally marked law enforcement style vehicles designed to be a crime deterrent.