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Commander Tyler A. Buck

Director of Operations - Northeast Region

Commander Buck was born and raised in the State of Maine, he currently resides in Waterboro, Maine with his family, Commander Buck grew up in Maine but loves to travel all throughout New England, he spends a lot of time in Boston and New York City.

In early 2013, Commander Buck was introduced into the security industry starting out as a security professional, through out the years, Tyler has held numerous positions in the security industry. Commander Buck has extensive knowledge of security/corporate practices, investigation techniques and security equipment operation with physical security management experience, with more than six years protecting/managing multi-million-dollar corporate assets while maintaining safety. Commander Buck has experience and knowledge managing a Global Security Operations Center (GSOC), monitoring over 80 sites world-wide that include; the United States, U.K., and Ireland ensuring the safety of the client, property, and assets.

In his spare time, Commander Buck loves European vehicles, he attends all the car shows in the United States and currently owns a 2011 Audi A4 2.0 Premium Plus.